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PrintHow to screen print multiple colors

How to screen print multiple colors

Screen printing is a popular method for creating custom designs on apparel, accessories and other items. It’s easy to see why: the results are vibrant and long-lasting, perfect for displaying your artwork or business logo. But what about when you want to create a design with multiple colors? Screen printing can do that too! In this blog post we’ll explain how you can use screen printing techniques to achieve stunning multicolor prints.


To start, you’ll need to use a technique known as “halftone separations”. This involves breaking down your artwork into individual colors, each of which is printed separately. Each color will require its own screen and the screens must be layered carefully in order to achieve the desired result. It’s best to work with a professional printer who can ensure that your artwork is accurately separated and then layered onto the screens.


Once you have all of the different layers ready, it’s time to begin printing! The process for multicolor prints is similar to single-color prints: ink is applied onto the mesh screen and pressed down with a squeegee before being transferred onto the garment or item. After that, each layer needs to dry before the next layer can be added. This process is repeated until all of the different colors have been printed onto the item.


It’s important to note that each color in a multicolor print will require a separate printing pass, meaning it will take more time and resources than a single-color print job.

However, with careful planning and an experienced printer, you can create stunning custom prints that won’t fade or wear away over time.

With screen printing techniques like halftone separations, you can turn your artwork into stunning apparel or other items with vibrant colors that last!


The results of screen printing multicolor designs can be stunning, but the process is complex. It’s best to work with an experienced printer who can help you create beautiful prints that won’t fade or wear away over time. With careful planning and the right techniques, your artwork can come alive in vibrant color—the perfect way to showcase your business logo or unique art on apparel and other items. Give it a try today!